Cleverly Forged Advertising PrintsBy

Cleaverly Forged Advertising Prints

Beware of forged advertising with "Winchester" superimposed over various Currier and Ives images. Placed under glass and framed with brass chain borders, these fakes were first reported by ACRN in September, 2000.

All these fakes are made on a home computer. Currier and Ives images–typically with western or hunting themes–are combined with the Winchester name and trademark. Phony names and addresses of hardware, sporting goods and firearms "stores" are then added with the names of authentic small Midwestern towns.

It's not unusual for these frauds to sell for $100-$300 each. There are no old counterparts.


Fake full color print under glass, 11¾″, with chain border. Imprinted in upper left corner, "Winchester Arms Company, Tackle and Sporting Goods, Olsen Bros. Hardware, Freeport, Illionois, PH 2341." Paper artificially aged. The image is copied from the Currier print titled "Catching A Trout."