Classic leather football helmets reproducedBy

Classic Leather Football Helmets Reproduced

Well made original leather football helmets from the 1920s-1930s in good condition in certain styles can sell for several hundred dollars and up. Now the same styles used in that era are being made and have sold for around $100 each wholesale.

Two styles were made. One is the so called "flying wing" front named for the wing-shaped piece of leather above the forehead, Fig. 1. The other is the "black strap" which is named for the black strips of leather that cross over the top of the helmet, Fig. 2. Both new styles are made of heavy leather virtually identical in weight to old helmets.

Tips to identify the new helmets: 1.) the new helmets do not include a chin strap or any sign of one ever being attached; 2.) they smell like new leather; 3.) they show no wear, such as scratches on the outside or wear stains on the inside.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2