Classic Marilyn Monroe 1950s calendars copiedBy

Classic Marilyn Monroe 1950s Calendars Copied

Two new versions of a classic Marilyn Monroe pin up calendar are circulating through the market. Both versions have calendar pages dated with the year 1955. Both are treated to appear old with slightly discolored paper and darkened edges.

One version is paper, 12" wide by 22½" high with a metal hanging tab at top. The other is on cardboard, 10" wide by 17" high with paper calendar pages. Wholesale price was $10 each.

The title "Golden Dreams" appears at the bottom of image area. "As posed by MARILYN MONROE" is on the viewer's right hand side of the image.

Both calendars feature the famous color photo taken by Tom Kelley in 1949 with Monroe seated on a red velvet background. Her head is to her left side with her left arm raised above her head. The original was used as the first Playboy [magazine] Sweetheart in 1953, a feature later called the centerfold.