Classic 1950s Metal Lunch BoxesBy

Classic 1950s Metal Lunch Boxes

A distributor of upscale gifts introduced three new copies of classic 1950s metal lunch boxes. The new boxes shown below include: Howdy Dowdy, originally released by ADCO Liberty, 1955; The Lone Ranger, originally released by ADCO Liberty, 1954; and, Tom Corbett, originally released by Aladdin, 1954.

Originals of these three designs are some of the most sought after of all metal lunch boxes. Prices for originals have been around: Howdy Dowdy, $400; Lone Ranger, $500; Tom Corbett, $450. Prices are for boxes only; the matching thermos bottles are priced separately.

The new Corbett and Lone Ranger boxes are copies of rare variations that make those specific originals especially desirable. The Lone Ranger is the scarce so-called "blue band" variant; the new Tom Corbett box is the rare 1954 full lithograph version (as opposed to the more common 1952 version).

In the 1970s, a group of Florida parents who argued that metal lunch boxes caused injuries in school yard fights got the Florida legislature to ban the boxes. Other states followed with similar legislation. By 1985 all production of metal lunch boxes ended.