Clarice Cliff FigurinesBy

Clarice Cliff Figurines

In 1930, Clarice Cliff made five different Art Deco figures she called Age of Jazz. Originals sell for over $5,000. Two of the five original figures are being reproduced: #436, piano player and banjo player as well as #432, couple dancing.

Original figures were cut out of a sheet of clay then mounted to a base between raised blocks. New figures are cast as one piece and do not have the blocks. See photos. New figures cost was around $40 each from Pastimes of England.


Fig. 1 New copies of figurines originally by English designer/potter Clarice Cliff (b. 1899-d.1973)


Fig. 2 Original 1930 Age of Jazz figure, #436, piano player and banjo player. Note the raised blocks.


Fig. 3 Shown above, original Age of Jazz figurines are made from two separate pieces joined together. New figures are cast in one piece.

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