Candlewick Basket Nappy in VaselineBy

Candlewick Basket & Nappy in Vaseline

Original Candlewick was one of Imperial Glass Corporation's most popular and longest selling patterns. It was introduced in 1936 and continued to be made until Imperial closed in 1984.

Many of the molds, however, survived and a number of pieces have been reissued by other companies. Some reissues to appear are a 6″ basket and 5″ heart-shaped nappy in vaseline glass. The basket is Candlewick catalog shape 400/40/0; the nappy is catalog shape 400/49H.

Original Imperial Candlewick was never made in vaseline glass. Both of these new pieces were offered by a mid-western glass wholesaler. Wholesale prices were $19 for the basket; $14.50 for the nappy. Both pieces were also available in a satin finish.


New 6″ Candlewick pattern glass basket in vaseline. Made with uranium oxide and fluoresces under long wave black light. New wholesale price, $19.