Cameo Glass Made to Order for $30 eachBy

Cameo Glass Made to Order for $30 Each

Cameo glass - any art or text can be applied on custom basis.

Dalian Mornlight Decorating Company of Dalian, China offered their multicolored cameo glass lamps and vases with custom order images or words for as little as $30.00 per piece. The custom work is in addition to a full line of stock cameo glass the firm made with facsimile signatures of original cameo makers such as Galle.

Mornlight sales representative Gu Qinghua told ACRN that "any logo, slogan or poem can be put on the lamps."

"We will first ask you where on the lamp you want the logo [to] be put, and then give you a sample picture to confirm," said Qinghua. "We also don't have any limitation on order quantity; however, if your order is under 20 units and you want custom logo/text, an extra 10% will be added."

The price list for Mornlight custom products was: 7 inch lamp $32.00; 8 inch lamp $35.00; 10 inch lamp $39.00; 12 inch lamp $43.00; 14 inch lamp $46.00; mid size vase $32.00; small size vase $30.00. All prices FOB, Dalian, China.

What does this mean for collectors? Expect clever forgers to exploit this opportunity to order reproductions made in rare scenes and subjects and with presentation text and poems. Galle's Lake Como landscapes are sure to be a target as are the Happy New Year and Good Century inscriptions. Short lines from poems appear on both Daum and Galle.

Ever see Galle's polar bear on a lamp? Now you will. Probably with a four line quotation from Proust on the reverse side. Cameo vases signed Tiffany? Why not. Anything is possible now.

Although the difference in quality is apparent to the experienced buyer, others still have trouble recognizing the new cameo. Especially those who continue to rely on signatures and marks for authentication.