Cambridge Lamp in New ColorsBy

Cambridge Lamp in New Colors

The original Cambridge Glass Company of Cambridge, Ohio made a number of electric lamps based on flower frog figures. One of these original lamps used a figure called Draped Lady.

This same Draped Lady figural lamp has been reproduced. Our sample is an orangish-pink color. Some of the other new colors include green and cobalt blue. Most of the new lamps have the normal shiny finish, but others have iridescent carnival-type finishes.

Original standard production Draped Lady lamp bases were made in clear crystal. Any colored glass base should be considered suspect. Original bases sell between $125-$175; the new bases average $10-$15 wholesale.


Fig. 1 New Draped Lady lamp base, 8".


Fig. 2 Close up of where a metal lamp pipe attaches to a recessed area in the back of the base.