Buffalo Hunt Punch Bowl from Cambridge Everglade MoldBy

Buffalo Hunt Punch Bowl from Cambridge Everglade Mold

This pattern of Indians Hunting buffaloes was originally made by Cambridge Glass as part of its Everglade line. The original pattern is known only in a 16-inch diameter fairly flat console dish (Fig. 3) The new "punch bowl" is a fantasy piece; no vintage punchbowls are known in this pattern. It appears that the new punch bowl is made from the original dish mold; the sides are simply not flattened as they were in the original.

The new punch bowls have been sold by Summit Glass since at least the mid-1990s. Summit is known to have a number of original Cambridge molds which are frequently used in modern production.

The punchbowl shown here is 12 inches in diameter, about 8 inches tall. The sides are decorated with pressed glass scenes of a buffalo hunt. Indians on horseback chase buffalo across a western plain, hurling spears and shooting arrows. This example has an iridized, or carnival, finish on a caramel slag glass body.

Although relatively new, these pieces may have some collector interest because they were made in fairly limited numbers. A catalog with the example shown here stated the production was limited to only about 50 pieces. The 1990s price was around $50 for this piece. A non-iridized version was also produced.


Fig. 1 A modern iridized, or carnival finish, caramel slag 12-inch diameter punch bowl. Various scenes of Indians on horseback hunting buffalo are molded in the sides.


Fig. 2 Buffalo hunt scene on the sides of the new punchbowl.


Fig. 3 Original catalog illustration of the 16-inch diameter buffalo hung console bowl by Cambridge Glass in the Everglade line.