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Blue Ridge China – Southern Potteries Revived

Molds and designs originally developed by Blue Ridge China ca. 1916-1957, are being put back in production. Approximately 1,000 molds still survive. Blue Ridge was originally produced by Southern Pottery of Erwin, TN. At one time, Southern was the third largest pottery in the USA.

Blue Ridge dinnerware was all hand decorated under the glaze. While the dinnerware is the best known line, Blue Ridge was also available as character jugs and artist signed plates.

The new business has registered the name as Southern Blue Ridge Co. According to the new owner, several of the original Blue Ridge employees are helping in the new business.

Dinnerware production still remains in the future. The only current product is a series of piggybanks decorated in Blue Ridge patterns. Piggybanks were not produced during original production, 1916-1957.