Blackamoor Banania Advertising TherometerBy

Blackamoor Banania Advertising Thermometer

Other new Banania items featuring a blackamoor have come into the market. This time the trademark smiling blackamoor with spoon is shown on the top of a ceramic 12″ thermometer. The thermometer is in a high gloss glaze in bright yellow finish which is also a traditional Banania color.

Banania is the brand name of a powdered chocolate mix widely sold in Europe during the 1920s. When previous reproductions of Banania items have come into the market, many buyers of black memorabilia and advertising items confused the reproductions with vintage pieces.

All the reproductions are quite well made. The new pieces made so far are all marked Made in France.

New pieces range in retail price from around $20 for ceramic bowls to $38 for this thermometer. It's unknown if the new pieces are copies of specific vintage originals or whether the trademark was simply applied to pieces hoped to be good sellers.