Bauer Pottery Makes Red Ring WareBy

Bauer Pottery Makes Red Ring Ware

The new Bauer Pottery released a set of kitchen pottery in Poppy Red, a color used on vintage Bauer sold in the 1930s.

The new five-piece set, shown here, is in the so-called "ring ware" pattern, a series of horizontal bands or rings, one of Bauer's original most sought after patterns. Included in the set were four bowls from 6 to 10 inches in diameter and a 9-inch vase or utensil holder. The set of four bowls was $169; the cylinder shape was $49.

The original company, J.A. Bauer Pottery, operated in Los Angeles, CA between 1910 and 1962. In June 1999, though, Janek Boniecki re-registered the Bauer Pottery name with the United States Trademark Office. New pottery has been made with variations of the Bauer name since then.

Almost all new Bauer marks are raised like the two examples shown here. Many new pieces include "2000" to separate the modern 21st century products from mid-20th century originals. If a seller describes an item as marked Bauer, be sure to ask for very accurate description of how the marks appears.


Fig. 1 A set of new ringware in Poppy Red from the new Bauer Pottery. Virtually identical in shape and color to 1930s originals.


Fig. 2 Almost all the new Bauer Pottery has raised marks; vintage Bauer Pottery marks are impressed or incised. Some new Bauer pieces, include "2000" to indicate their 21st century origin,


Fig. 3 ...but other new pieces did not. Just remember that all raised marks are new.

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