Another Copy of Wedgwood Majolica Umbrella HolderBy

Another Copy of Wedgwood Majolica Umbrella Holder

The first reproduction of Wedgwood's Victorian era pineapple and fruit majolica umbrella holder was noticed in 1996. Another copy was made in 1999 in the same pattern with some improvements.

The authentic Wedgwood piece is close to 23″ high and always marked. The original bottom is always glazed.

The first copy was 19″ tall, unmarked and had a pronounced bulge at the base. The second copy, shown here, has corrected the bulge with a nearly straight-sided base. The second version is also taller, measuring 20″. Bottoms on both reproductions are unglazed. Neither reproduction is marked. Both reproductions were made in China. Retail for the new pieces averaged $95-$125 each.

The pattern, color scheme and glaze on reproductions are very similar to originals.