Aladdin Introduces Vaseline Three Face Oil LampBy

Aladdin Introduces Three Face Oil Lamp

The original Three Face pattern was introduced in 1878 by George Duncan and Sons of Pittsburgh. A woman's head and face are repeated three times around finials, stems and bases. Original heads and faces appear in both clear and clear frosted finishes. Vintage Three Face was never made in colored glass, it was made in crystal only.

One of the most popular American patterns ever made, Three Face reproductions have been in the market since the 1930s. Wright made the most copies. Beginning in 1968, Wright eventually offered Three Face pieces in 13 shapes including the lamp. No lamp shape was ever part of the original production. All lamps are modern.

The mold for the Three Face lamp was custom made for L.G. Wright Glass Co. in the 1970s. Aladdin purchased the lamp mold when Wright's equipment was liquidated at auction in 1999. Be aware that an Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. vaseline Three Face lamp could be in the market. Aladdin usually puts permanent marks on any of its new glass that could be confused with vintage collectibles.