3-quart Dazey Churn ReproducedBy

3-quart Dazey Churn Reproduced

The 3-quart glass Dazey churn has been reproduced. This piece joins the ever growing list of sizes available in new Dazey churns.

The 3-quart size, shown here, is the so-called Round Label style of Dazey churn. Other new Round Label sizes include 1- and 2-quart models plus a pint and half-pint size. The pint and half-size pieces have no old counterparts; all pieces in those sizes are fakes. Another style of Dazey churn – the Patent Date – has also been reproduced. That style is made new in 4 and 8-quart sizes.

Only the new 1-quart, pint and half-pint sizes are sold with new cranking mechanisms. All the others are sold with only a flat screw-on lid. New bases are mouth blown in relatively crude molds producing blurred, poorly formed lettering. The glass is very low quality with numerous bubbles and other obvious flaws. New glass is relatively lightweight compared to original Dazey bases. New glass generally has a definite greenish tint; original Dazey glass is almost always perfectly clear with no significant tint.