1950's Figural Ceramic Decanters CopiedBy

1950's Figural Ceramic Decanters Copied

Jeez...who'd a thunk it. Reproductions of figural ceramic post-war Japan decanters! You know the type, the deep chocolate brown-glazed pieces. Most originals–cats, dogs, sad-faced bartenders and amply endowed females– are now considered very kitschy and collectible. They are so attractively tacky they are being reproduced.

This new 13-inch dachshund is typical. It's exactly like the original down to the dog's red polka dot bow tie and yellow hat. Includes six shot-sized cups which hang on ceramic pegs on the dog's back.

So far, this pooch is the only confirmed style being reproduced. But anyone with the guts to reproduce a dog with a polka dot tie won't stop here. They WILL strike again! "Good boy, make mine a double."


New 1950s lookalike 13" ceramic bottle retailed for $23.